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Bouchard, McDavid and Sanchez compete for charity at Rogers Cup event

Jul 26, 2017
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada

What do you get when tennis, baseball and hockey stars come together to play a series of Minute to Win It games?

Canada’s Genie Bouchard joined forces with Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Aaron Sanchez and Edmonton Oilers’ Connor McDavid at Kew Gardens Tennis Club in Toronto on Wednesday August 26. The competitive nature of the athlete’s was on full display as they competed against one another in five games while trying to get the highest score.

The winner would receive three points, second place earned a player two points and last place earned them one point.

The games began with hockey – target practice! Players had 60 seconds to hit as many balls as possible into the net. Sanchez was first up and scored three goals. Bouchard was next up and played left-handed – a first-time incident for the right-handed player. Even on her weaker side, Bouchard scored 22(!) goals in 60 seconds. McDavid was last to pick up the hockey stick and faced the intimidation of Bouchard’s score. The Oilers’ centre walked away with 24 points – narrowly edging ahead and taking an early lead in the competition.

Next up was a test of balance. Players were asked to carry a tray of four little balls, throw the balls in the air, catch them on the tray and dump them into a bin. This time all three players competed alongside each other and it was Bouchard who emerged victorious – McDavid in second, Sanchez again in third.

The next competition was tennis-themed and, of course, Bouchard’s technique swept the competition. In a game that required player’s to alternate their racquet head while bouncing a ball, Bouchard came out on top for a second straight time.

Players went on to play a round of skee ball – which went to a tiebreak between Bouchard and McDavid, Bouchard coming out on top – and another round of target practice. This time is was all about baseball.

Sanchez picked up his first victory of the day from the “mound”.

At the end, Genie Bouchard was pronounced the winner and donated her $5,000 winnings to Montreal Children’s Hospital.

Bouchard won a total of three events and McDavid and Sanchez split the other two – both in their respective sports.