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Paying tribute to dad tennis coaches on Father’s Day

Jun 12, 2018
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada

On the WTA Tour, it is not uncommon for a player, even the ones at the very top, to be coached by their Dad. As we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day, it’s a great time to pay tribute to two world renowned tennis dads who have invested so much time and energy towards their daughters’ successful careers, Walter Bartoli and Piotr Wozniacki!

Drop everything for the “project”

Doctor and owner of his own practice, Walter Bartoli decided to put his career in medicine aside at the start of 2000 to focus on “the project” which was to make his daughter, Marion Bartoli, the best tennis player in the world. According to many, she had a rather particular relationship with her father. Nicknamed “Doctor Maboul”, Walter would make Marion run with elastics around her feet until they bled and insulted her so that she would push harder. The 2008 Rogers Cup semifinalist saw her father as a genius because the more she worked, the more matches she won. Bartoli tried to go her own way in 2012, ending her coaching relationship with Walter, but just a few weeks later she returned to him because she missed their relationship on court which she described as “ideal, special, and very intense.” The decision to reunite proved to be the right one because in July of 2013, Bartoli was crowned Wimbledon champion. The two shared a warm embrace following her incredible victory.

Photo: LeFigaro

Stability with Dad

It is no secret that Caroline Wozniacki has tried, unsuccessfully, to establish a good working relationship with several world-class coaches over the years, but always ultimately returns to her father, Piotr. Of Polish origin and a former professional soccer player, he has invested himself 100% into his daughter’s tennis career. He introduced Caroline to the sport at the age of seven and under his tutelage, the 2010 Rogers Cup champion has reached no. 1 in the world and captured her first Grand Slam title at the Australian Open in January. Wozniacki admits that if it weren’t for her dad she probably wouldn’t be the player that she is today. He helped her perfect her technique and always found the best hitting partners for her to train with. Caroline also said that she inherited Piotr’s strong will and mental strength. It’s no wonder that they are such a formidable duo.


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