Quotes of the day – Final Sunday

Monday, Aug 1

Simona Halep on winning even though she didn’t play her best match:

“Actually it was not my best tennis because I couldn’t play my best tennis. She was hitting very strong. As anyone knows, I cannot hit stronger than her because she’s very strong and it’s impossible for my height and for my body.

I just tried to put the ball away from her, just to make her run. I think I did it pretty well, and she missed. It was really tough for me to hit winners today because her ball was coming too hard.

I’m tired (smiling).”


Halep on the support she got from Romania fans all week:
“I like being here in Montréal a lot. It feels like in Europe, like I’ve said many times. With all the Romanians, I felt home. Many people came every day, actually, not just today. It was an amazing atmosphere down there.

The man who introduced us on the court today said two words in Romanian, so that motivated me a lot. I told myself that I have to win.”


Halep on her plans for the next few weeks:

“Break. Three, four days’ break. I have to negotiate (smiling).

Just enjoying the moment and celebrating this title a little bit. It’s really important for me. Then back to work. I have Cincinnati coming up, then US Open. I want to stay focused and keep my confidence high.”


Madison Keys on what she takes from her week in Montréal:

“There’s only one person who is going to walk away and be completely happy with this week. You know, I’m obviously not going to say it’s a bad week just because I lost one match. I think I played a pretty good tournament. I wish today went a little bit differently. Sometimes it happens.

Just take the positives from that and move on.”


Keys on her Rio goals:

“It’s funny, Lindsay actually called me before. She said: ‘You’re going to go. You’re going to the open ceremonies. You’re going to go to the village. You’re going to experience the Olympics’.

I’m really excited to do that. But she also said: ‘If you’re in a position where you could potentially win a medal, that’s when you stop going to the village and you don’t go to the other sports (smiling)’.

It’s a combination of both. It’s enjoying it but it’s also knowing when to enjoy it and when to be focused.”