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Richard Branson played tennis with Milos Raonic and we have proof

Jul 25, 2016
written by: Lyra Pappin
written by: Lyra Pappin
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This really happened.

While he didn’t parachute down in some kind of futuristic hot air balloon, Sir Richard Branson nevertheless made a huge impression on an eventful Monday at Rogers Cup.

After taking Centre Court to take care of coin toss honours ahead of Grigor Dimitrov’s first-round match against Yuichi Sugita, the Sir himself took in some tennis before heading over to the Cynamon Practice courts for a… unique hitting session with Milos Raonic.

First, a gentlemanly handshake to kick things off.

Rogers Cup tennis

Milos even gave Richard what we’ll call the “John McEnroe” advantage – a wooden racquet.

But that wasn’t enough for the Branson! He saw the ball out, guys.

Rogers Cup tennis

OK, he knew he was being cheeky!

Rogers Cup tennis

To be fair, the sun was also a major opponent. The umbrella was a clutch call.

Rogers Cup tennis

Milos maintained his composure, and somehow, didn’t break his new old racquet with his huge serve.

Rogers Cup tennis

When it was all said and done, we’d say both guys did a fantastic job.

Rogers Cup tennis

This duel for the ages ended with an autograph signing, and unforgettable memories for all.

raonic autographs

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