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VIDEOS: 11 amazing Vines from Wimbledon so far

Jun 30, 2015
written by: Tennis Canada
written by: Tennis Canada
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It’s only Day 2 of Wimbledon and already we’ve been treated to amazing moments from the lovely greens at the All England Club. Enjoy our favourite Vines from Wimbledon so far.

The greats

Feds volleying like a boss.

Serena sees Feds’ GOATness and raises it a definitive match finish.

Hewitt, one more time.

The up-and-comers

BB knows.

Nick’s mad about something? WEIRD.

The lolz

Eastbourne birds got to Aga early, here’s hoping they don’t follow her to Wimbledon…

Because she’d be clearing out like…


Nadalol. It really is tradition at this point.

Fire up the queue chopper.


The cool crowd


Target practice for Andy.

Unleash those crowds.

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