Saturday, Mar 14
When the National Hockey League lost an entire year to a labour shutdown 15 years ago, there was a silver lining to the entire mess. It gave players, coaches,...
Thursday, Feb 27
We’ve had the pleasure of watching Roger Federer perform his ballet-like version of tennis since his first professional match in July of 1998. That’s an incredibly long time. It...
Thursday, Feb 13
The collateral damage caused by the dominance of a small group of tennis superstars has been extensive. Specifically, there are a lot of very, very good players who, in...
Damien's Spin
Thursday, Jan 30
Time for a Grand Slam singles championship not to be owned by one of the Big Three: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or Rafael Nadal.
Damien's Spin
Thursday, Nov 21
For the fifth time, Rafael Nadal will finish the year as the No. 1-ranked male player in the tennis world. Novak Djokovic will finish second, and Roger Federer third....
Damien's Spin
Thursday, Oct 31
The inaugural ATP Cup has suffered its inaugural body blow. The first competition, set for three Australian cities in early January, got the news this week that Roger Federer...