Rogers Cup presented by National Bank Postponement FAQ

Here you will find more details on the postponement of Rogers Cup presented by National Bank, including the new dates for the event and information regarding refunds if you are a session ticket holder.

If you’ve already purchased tickets for the 2020 tournament you will receive an email outlining the options available to you.

If you choose the option of keeping the tickets you’ve purchased, your seat will be the same for the 2021 tournament. In fact, you will simply have to show up with your tickets for the session that you have purchased.

If you are unable to attend the 2021 tournament, you will have until July 17 (30 days) to request a refund. All refund requests will be processed within 90 days.

Yes, we will be able to accommodate requests for exchanges as of September 1st, 2020. Please email to request an exchange.

You will receive your ticket(s) for the 2021 tournament in June 2021.

Tickets for the postponed Rogers Cup will be available for printing as of June 2021.

All tickets purchased through a secondary resale website need to contact that platform’s customer service team and adhere to their policies and procedures.

Contact the person or organization through which you received your ticket(s) and adhere to their policies and procedures.

  • In order to maintain quality customer service during this difficult time, our ticketing representatives will be available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Due to the large influx of requests, we would like to thank you for your understanding in the event of a delayed response.

The AVIVA Centre box office will be open during the event, from August 7-15, 2021.

If you are a Premium Series ticket holder, below are all the answers to your questions regarding the postponement of Rogers Cup.

Yes, Premium Series ticket holders will receive first refusal on their seat for the 2021 tournament.

No, tickets will automatically be renewed for the 2021 tournament if a refund is not requested within 30 days.

No, should you opt out of a refund, prices will remain the same for the 2021 tournament and you will not be charged further.

Your tickets for Rogers Cup 2021 will be sent in June 2021.

No, your tickets will not be valid for the event in 2022. However, you may email for more details on the options available to you.

Donation receipts for the postponed Rogers Cup will be issued in February 2022.

Below you will find more specific information on the postponement of the event, from hotel cancellation policies to what impact it will have on Tennis Canada and tennis in Canada.

No, due to the coronavirus pandemic and following measures imposed by various government officials and the ATP, Rogers Cup has been postponed until 2021.

This means that women’s tennis will be in Montreal, while men will compete in Toronto next year as they were initially slated to in 2020.

  • Toronto: August 7-15, 2021
  • Montreal: August 6-15, 2021

Yes, the 2020 tournament is being postponed. This means that the men, who were set to compete in Toronto, will be back in 2021 and the women will play in Montreal.

The measures announced by the City of Toronto on May 15 did not allow Tennis Canada to organize an event in front of spectators. In fact, the city indicated that it would not issue a permit for events welcoming over 25,000 people until August 31, a position that Tennis Canada fully supports.

However, Tennis Canada had to make a decision with regards to organizing a closed-door event. We had numerous discussions with the three levels of government as well as with the tours and we took the time to carefully analyze the different risks associated with holding a closed-door event before making a final decision.

In recent weeks, Tennis Canada has carefully studied the possibility of holding a closed-door Rogers Cup, both for the men’s and women’s edition of the tournament. Despite the ongoing deconfinement taking place in Ontario, this scenario continues to present several risks and obstacles. After careful consideration, Tennis Canada decided that it was preferable to dismiss this idea for the following reasons:

  • The responsibility to ensure everyone’s health and safety

Organizing a closed-door event is complex and requires certain important protocols to be put in place. We estimated that to organize and broadcast such a tournament, we would require having 450 people on-site. The safety of these people during the two weeks of the event would have been a concern for Tennis Canada and in the current context, the level of risk would have remained high, especially for a sport like tennis where athletes comes from all parts of the world.

  • The complexity of the federal law relating to access to our country and mandatory quarantine

At this time, the federal law relating to access to our country and mandatory quarantine would require players to arrive in Canada well before the start of the tournament (14 days), which makes things more difficult for the players who will already have to arrive in the United States in advance in order to submit to a quarantine before being able to play in Cincinnati and the US Open. This plan makes much more sense for players. Creating a hub is a solution that many sports leagues have chosen in order to be able to start playing again.

  • The financial repercussions which are also a source of concern for Tennis Canada

After having already absorbed a loss of $17 Million in 2020, Tennis Canada cannot afford to increase this deficit. As of today, there is no guarantee that a closed-door tournament would significantly mitigate those losses. On the contrary, there was a risk of increasing our deficit, especially since we did not want hold the men’s edition of the tournament and not the women’s edition, which would go against our precious support model for professional men’s and women’s tennis in Canada.

  • To avoid putting a strain on public health

As an organization and event promoters, we believe that it is our responsibility to evaluate the risks that such a scenario would pose et to ensure to not put a further strain on public health which has been working tirelessly to protect us from COVID-19. The health of all Canadians is the priority.

  • We recommend that you contact the hotel or website through which you booked your accommodation
  • Rogers Cup’s official hotel partner, Hilton, currently operates using the following cancellation policy:
    • 48 hours prior to arrival – Hilton Toronto and HGI Vaughan
    • 24 hours prior to arrival – Hilton Suites Markham

A Tennis Canada representative will communicate with all of our volunteers. You can also contact us via email at

The 2021 Tokyo Olympics are scheduled to take place from July 23 until August 8 and it has already been confirmed by the International Olympic Committee that the tennis event will be played during the first week, which will not impact our tournaments.

This is unknown at the moment as information about COVID-19 and its impact on the world is changing and updating on a daily basis. The health and safety of players, fans, partners and employees remains Tennis Canada’s top priority. Any changes in regulations will be communicated to all stakeholders.

This is unknown at the moment as the impact of the virus on the world changes daily.

Stay informed on updates for the rest of the season by visiting the ATP, WTA and ITF websites.

Since they won the most recent edition of the tournament in 2019, with the 2020 Rogers Cup being postponed to 2021, Bianca Andreescu and Rafael Nadal will remain the defending champions

It has been rare for Rogers Cup to not be held, but the most recent instances occurred during World War I (1915-1918) and World War II (1941-1945). Due to the global situation, the tournament was unable to be played during those years.

Rogers Cup is the engine of tennis development in Canada. 90% of the revenue that is successfully invested in the development of the sport each year comes from the profits of the tournaments. 2020 will be a very difficult year for the organization. Repercussions are anticipated to be felt over the course of the next few years.

However, Tennis Canada is privileged to be able to count on passionate employees as well as on loyal clients and partners who will help during this rebuild period.

Tennis Canada has submitted requests to government authorities for financial support. While we certainly hope for their support, there are no guarantees at this time. Tennis Canada does not currently receive any subsidies from the government since we are a financially independent organization which ensures the operation of its activities with the revenues generated by the Rogers Cup events.